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Cosmetic Dentistry


When you have a chip or gap or odd shaped tooth. When you drank more coffee than you realized. When you need Cosmetic Dentistry. We offer many services designed to improve the appearance and function of your teeth from veneers to whitening to crowns, we want your mouth to look and feel it’s best. We want you to smile with confidence and pride; we want you to be comfortable with your teeth.

Composite Fillings

Composite Fillings are made up of glass and plastic and can be colored to perfectly match your teeth. This is helpful when you have a chip, gap, or tooth unevenly textured. Composite fillings can be used to reshape or contour your teeth in a way that is not obvious and looks natural.

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are like small scale crowns. Made of thin sheets of porcelain, veneers cover uneven, chipped, or crooked teeth. An impression is made of your tooth and the veneer is cemented directly over it before being handed by UV light. This process requires multiple visits.

Porcelain Fixed Bridges

Missing a tooth isn’t the most comfortable thing. Smiling is awkward, you feel self-conscious about it, probably more than anyone even notices your missing tooth. We want 2 things: 1. for you to be comfortable 2. for your mouth to be healthy. Missing teeth isn’t the best thing for your mouth and can cause your other teeth to shift around which can be devastating to your smile. Porcelain fixed bridges easily solve the problem by sandwiching a porcelain false tooth between two porcelain crowns. The result is a perfectly structured smile.

Porcelain Crowns (Caps)

Crowns are necessary for a multitude of reasons, from broken teeth to missing teeth to infected teeth. However, crowns can also be used for purely cosmetic reasons. When you are unhappy with the shape or appearance of your teeth, a crown could be the right solution for you. In this process, your existing tooth is sanded down to a ‘nub’ to make room for a porcelain crown to be placed and bonded over it. Your dentist will take an impression of your mouth so this tooth fits perfectly with your other teeth while still improving the appearance of your smile.

Tooth Whitening
(KOR System and Opalescence)

Everything we put into our mouths affects our teeth. From soda and coffee to donuts and spaghetti. One day we realize our teeth aren’t as white as they used to be. It’s a bummer, but it isn’t hopeless. We are proud to offer both KOR & Opalescence Teeth Whitening as resources to you.

Kor System Teeth Whitening is “Widely recognized as the world’s most effective teeth whitening system.”  It is peroxided based and supplies long term results without any lasers or lights, and can even be used on sensitive teeth. We are proud to offer Kor Systems Teeth Whitening to our Patients.

Opalescence Whitening systems is a take home whitening gel that comes in a variety of flavors with night and day concentrations available. It is featured in Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Instyle, Brides, and New Beauty magazine. We are happy to team up with Opalescence to give you the bright, white smile you’ve dreamed of!

– Opalescence tooth whitening gel contains PF (potassium nitrate and fluoride), which helps maintain the health of enamel throughout the whitening process.

– Formulated to prevent dehydration and shade relapse

– Opalescence Go take-home whitening comes in 6%, 10%, and 15% Hydrogen Peroxide concentration and with mint, melon or peach flavor.

– Opalescence PF take-home whitening comes in 10%, 15%, or 35% Carbamide Peroxide concentration and with mint, melon or regular flavor.

– Day or night wear

– Sticky, viscous gel won’t migrate to soft tissues

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