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Dental Restorations


Sometimes accidents happen that leave us a little toothless… sometimes we don’t care for our teeth properly, and sometimes we just have some crazy genetics. The thing is, we need our teeth. So regardless of what happens, we want to keep your set of teeth functioning. We offer a variety of restorative services, including composite fillings, crowns, and root canals. We are a Mercury-Free dental practice and do not offer silver fillings (amalgams).

Composite Fillings

Glass + Plastic = Composite Fillings. Composite Fillings are tooth-colored and often used for cosmetic improvements (reshaping teeth etc.) as well as dental fillings. Safer than amalgams, composite fillings bond easily to your tooth and require less drilling. Because the material is matched to the color of your teeth, these fillings are not noticeable. However, they can also be stained and discolored like your natural teeth, so make sure you stay vigilant with your oral hygiene.

Crowns (Caps)

Just like a crown surrounding a monarch’s head, a dental crown surrounds a tooth. It’s purpose is generally to support a weakened or broken tooth, but it can also be used for cosmetic reasons. Typically this process requires 2 separate visits. One for filing down your tooth that is there/prepping your mouth for the crown. The second for installing the crown into your mouth. Porcelain and Ceramic are the most common materials used for this process.

Dentures and Partial Dentures

Dentures are false teeth that replace missing teeth in your mouth. If you are missing less than half of your teeth, you would need partial dentures. Similarly, if you are missing all of your teeth, you would need full dentures. The purpose of dentures varies depending on person. Some people wear them to have perfect teeth. Other people need more support than their natural teeth afford them. Dentures are necessary dependent on tooth condition, not age. If your dentist feels you need dentures, this process takes quite a few steps from possible extraction to impressions and fittings. Fake teeth don’t get you off the hook for dental visits either, you will still need regular exams.

Fixed Bridges

A dental bridge is made up of 3 teeth: 2 crowns, and 1 pontic. A pontic is a completely fake tooth made of porcelain or ceramic cemented between two crowns to fill a hole in your mouth that is completely missing it’s natural tooth. This helps keep the integrity of your remaining teeth, their shape and structure, and it also allows you to distribute the force of your bite evenly. This process requires multiple visits for the preparation and placement of the bridge.

Root Canal Therapy

There are cavities and then there are infected roots. When you have infected roots, you need a root canal. This process seems intimidating, but saves you from extreme tooth pain and also saves your tooth. To put it simply, the infection is removed from the roots of your teeth and your roots are cleaned out / disinfected before being filled in. Depending on the condition of your tooth, you may also need a crown. The beauty of root canals is that it saves your tooth for the long haul which keeps the overall integrity of your teeth and is better for your dental health.

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