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Besides being “more visually attractive”, straight teeth are also beneficial for your mouth health in that they are easier to clean which makes tooth decay and risk of cavities smaller. Orthodontists accomplish straightening your teeth by placing braces on them. The length of time the braces are on your teeth is dependent on the time it takes for them to straighten and how straight or crooked your teeth are to begin with. It is recommended to undergo orthodontics between the ages of 10 and 14 because the mouth is still growing and your teeth easier to straighten, however anyone can undergo orthodontics at any time in life.


Braces are small metal brackets attached to your teeth and connected by bands and wires. It is vitally important that you maintain and even improve on vigilant oral hygiene while you are wearing braces. Poor hygiene can cause discoloration to your teeth that will be very noticeable once your braces are removed. Added to that, it is very easy to get food stuck in the brackets witch leads to bacteria growth and cavities. Always brush and floss after eating while wearing braces. Ask your dentist for a thorough list of what you can not eat while wearing braces.


Invisaline straightens your teeth without any brackets, bands, or wires. Custom plastic trays are made for your teeth to gently shift them to a straight position. They are practically invisible which is a huge plus to people who don’t want to be hindered by braces, or who don’t want people to know they have braces. You can maintain your normal (good) oral hygiene since these trays are removable without worrying about awkward discolorations etc. Also, since you don’t have bands or wires to worry about, you can maintain your regular diet.

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