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Periodontal Disease

Perodontal diesease is an infection to or around the gums & teeth. In it’s beginning stage, gingivitis, it can be relatively pain free and go easily unnoticed. Unfortunately, if it goes untreated it can lead to periodntis and from there to advanced periodontis. In these stages, your gums become infected by the bacteria in plaque which breaks down the integrity of your tooth support and then spreads to all of the surrounding bone and tissues. Smoking, bad hygene, and crowded teeth can all contribute to periodontis. Make sure you see your dentist regularily to cut down on plaque and maintain a healthy mouth.


– Inflamed/Swollen Gums
– Bleeding Gums
– Receeding Gums

– Pus on Gums/ Around Teeth
– Persistent Bad Breath
– Loose Teeth

If you are concerned about Periodntis, schedule a check up with your dentist as soon as possible. Periodtis can be treated quite simply if caught in it’s beginning stages. However, if you let it go untreated it may lead to the loss of your teeth as well as other health concerns.


Diagnosing periodontis relatively simple. We will preform a thorough examination of your mouth, check for plaque buildup and easy bleeding, as well as ask you relevant questions about the issue to determine how advanced your periodontitis is. In addition, we may need to take x-rays and/or use a metal probe to check the pocket depth between your teeth and gums. Once a diagnosis is established, you can begin treatment.


Conquering Periodontal Disease really can be as simple as taking care of yourself. Make sure you see your dentist regularly and don’t miss your check ups. Floss daily and brush your teeth. Good dental hygene discourages plaque growth in your mouth. We know it’s easy to forget and isn’t really any fun, but the best way to maintain a healthy mouth that is free of disease is to keep it clean.


Scaling is like a very thorough teeth cleaning. It removes tartar and bacteria from the surface of your teeth and beneath your gums. Your dental hygenist will inform you of the best method for your teeth. (ultrasonic devices may be used)

Root Planing

Root planing is essentially “Nipping it in the bud.” It smooths out the root surfaces, which discourages any further buildup of tartar and/or bacterial endotoxin.

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