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Temporomandibular Joints(TMJ)

Temporomandibular joints (TMJ) are the joints and jaw muscles you use to open and close your mouth. TMJ Disorder occurs when something interfers with this complex muscle system making it painful and difficult to open your mouth.

Symptoms include:

– Headaches
– Earaches
– Jaw stiffness or locking

– Popping or clicking in the ears or jaw
– Swelling or Facial Pain

These symptoms are common and may not mean you have TMJ Disorder. If you are concerned about it schedule an appointment to be examined as soon as possible. After your appointment we can proceed with a Diagnosis, Treatment, and Maintenance plan if needed.


Unfortunately, there is no standardized test for diagnosing TMJ Disorder. Dr. Ortola will examine you, any problem areas, look into your dental history, and discover any related symptoms before deciding if TMJ is what you are experiencing and which treatment will be most effective to bring you relief.


Non-permanent treatment is always recommended. We don’t want to do anything that makes things a little easier now but creates bigger problems in the future. This of course is case by case, but typically we learn toward non-permanent treatments. We want you to be as pain free as possible & will devise the best plan of action to ease your discomfort.


Keep us up to date with how you are feeling. We want to make sure that our treatment is easing your discomfort and that you are no longer hindered by the symptoms of TMJ. Depending on what your treatment entails, there may be some minor routine things for maintenance, e.g. prescriptions, checkups, and etc.

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